Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little Over a Year Ago....................

A little over a year ago around the time of the Tampa Crit, I wrote the first post on what was to be the "Team Keri" blog. It was titled after some of the things that Keri and I had spoken about when I first had heard that she had a problem, Love in shades of Black, Purple and Bright Blue. (link to post here)

Today I can report to everyone that our work here is done, with your help and support, Keri went to Washington DC for her special treatment last summer and she came through with flying colors. I've been told that her cancer is totally gone. So now that the Tamp Crit is coming back to town, I thought it would be a good time to close this out and thank everyone one more time for helping me and others to help Keri get to the other side.

She looks great and recently finished up a Marathon and a Half Marathon at Disney paying it forward for a great cause and even took home a Goofy Medal, (imagine that ?) So when you see her at the end of the month at the Tampa Crit, take a moment to give her a big hug and tell her thanks for keeping up her end of the deal.


Michael Ploch


Plochman said...

You really are so GOOFY !

This site is dedicated to .........

This site is dedicated to my dear friend Keri who is battling Cancer.

With Keri bing a deeply private person when it comes to her personal struggles, I have set the site up for others to tell their own stories of how Keri has touched their lives.

Please take a moment to read through them and consider giving whatever you can to support the Team Keri project, $ 5.00, $ 10.00 or whatever you see fit to give, it's all very much appreciated.

Heres is a story Keri sent me to help you better understand what's going on in her world.

In Her Own Words

"The Luckiest Girl In The World"

Please take a moment to read it.

Make a Contribution

Thank you for supporting Team Keri !

Donation Amount

Recieve a Free Team Keri T-Shirt when you give $ 25.00 or more !

Donation Amount
T-Shirt Size

Contact Information

Checks can be mailed directly to the bank and made out to Keri Burns.
Put account # 39924 in the notes line.

San Antonio Federal Credit Union
37925 Church Ave.
Dade City , FL 33525

Cards and letters can be mailed to to following:

Jill Finnerty Ricardo
13811 9th Street
Dade City, FL 33525

Put Attention: Keri on the front

It's ok to combine letters and checks to the letters going directly to Keri, we can see they get deposited into her account as well.



$ 13,200.00 + Raised So Far


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